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Instagram: Dodgers Baby!

I love baseball. I’m obsessed. It’s to the point to where my emotions are on a rollercoster throughout the season. The outcome of a game can ruin or make my day. My boys in blue really know how to push my buttons. I know, I have a problem.

I have been to 9 games this year and I can’t wait to attend more next year. The Dodgers put up a fight at the end and that’s really all you can ask for! Win or lose, I’m with them 100%! And now, I’m mourning the end of the season. March 2013 can’t come soon enough!

Next year, it’s ON!

  1. These were the seats we got for my birthday. Amazing. I LOVED being behind home plate!
  2. Me & my main squeeze : )
  3. This particular game we were playing the Giants…meaning we were mixed in with all the riff raff :/  Still great seats though!
  4. Friday Night Fireworks!
  5. This is the view from last night’s final game of the season. No filter.
  6. Love this picture!
  7. This picture was from the first game we went to this season against the Braves. We won. It was awesome.
  8. Mat’s favorite accessory at games is not his wife, but his glove. I get the shaft. Exhibit A: this picture.
  9. Blue Heaven on Earth : )
  10. Mat and I bidding adieu to Dodger Stadium until next season at last night’s game. : (
  11. Yum. After all these years of being a huge Dodgers fan, this season was the first time I tried a Dodger Dog. It’s a shame I waited so long!
  12. Love these seats. Front row, Loge. Perfect!

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