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They Survived: Tough Mudder Tahoe

My idea of a trip to Tahoe is relaxing with a good book, lake front, and little to no exercise, at all. And of course, a margarita in hand. I want to enjoy the views and the peace and quiet. My husband, father-in-law and brother-in-law, however, must feel differently. They came across this 11+ mile torture run called Tough Mudder a few months back and being the completely insane, ridiculously competitive and lovers of all things dirty/athletic type of people they are…they all signed up immediately.

While the guys did their thing, us ladies bought ourselves spectator tickets so we can meet them up at a few of the obstacles (and so I could be their personal event photographer…HA!). Little did we know that we signed up for a mini-Mudder, because we were probably just as exhausted as the guys at the end of this thing. The staff had no idea where to direct the spectators so we roamed around everywhere and THANKFULLY found our guys at a few of the obstacles. I HATE beer and a beer never sounded better after scaling/running those hills just to get a couple minute glimpse of our men!

I’m complaining here but it really was such a fun experience and I was so proud of them all for participating in something that seems so grueling! They did amazing and came out relatively unscathed. It was exciting to see the three of them start and finish together, actually I got pretty emotional! Very proud wife & daughter/sister-in-law!

Go Team Jet Desk!

Just before the start! 

Our first sighting of the guys after a long trek to find them!

This obstacle was called the Arctic Enema. Jumping into a pool of ice water. At least it was colorful ice water! 

I die. Every time I see this picture. 

My FAVORITE picture ever. Seriously. Hot. Hot. Hot!

The AFTER pictures. hahahaha. Their faces are killer!

This guy is called the Boa Constrictor. They basically crawled through the black tubes half full of water and half way through them went under barbed wire. 

We watched probably hundreds of people scale this wall while we were waiting. HILARIOUS! and our guys didn’t disappoint. My father-in-law Dennis didn’t quite make it the first time up but took the opportunity to use Everest as a slide. Love that picture! The 4th picture is him making it up the 2nd time around.

This here is my brother-in-law, Patrick. He made it up on his first try!

Now, my man! He didn’t make it up the first try but the second time he scaled it. All three guys were pretty impressive. Especially after 11 miles and 18 obstacles before this one!

The guys walking to their last obstacle! 

This here is the final obstacle. It’s name is Electroshock Therapy. Each of those yellow wires is carrying electricity. Yeah, no thanks. 

And this is what I meant by relatively unscathed. Just out of the LAST obstacle, get’s zapped, flies forward and sliced his hand open. Ouch. He’ll live though. Don’t worry! 

Limping their way to the Finish line! haha

A couple after pictures of the guys!

Sarah and I got a little action too! Recognized this face?! Shemar Moore from Criminal Minds! He called us “Cute as S&@#!”. It was the highlight of our day. 

The AFTER photo! Such a fun experience!

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