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Instagram: Washington & Tough Mudder

In the past two weeks, Mat and I have been RUNNING. It’s been nonstop. Two weeks ago we took a trip to Washington for my Dad’s 60th birthday and this past weekend we flew up to Tahoe to watch my husband, brother-in-law and father-in-law run the Tough Mudder. Both trips were a blast but EXHAUSTING! Here is a dump of all my iPhone pictures from the two weeks.

  1. Our drive to my parent’s house to drop the dog off. He gets pretty clingy when the bags come out!
  2. The Pike Brewery was DELICIOUS! I can’t wait to go back to Seattle so I can go there again. YUM!
  3. We stopped to get Mat a caramel apple at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and my mom found her new husband. HOTTIE
  4. Hunkofburninglove bear with my Dad. Look at those bellies!
  5. Riding Rachel the Pig!
  6. We didn’t visit the space needle but I at least had to grab a picture!
  7. We got ourselves a root beer float while waiting for the Ferry to Whidbey Island.
  8. View from the ferry ride. Beautiful!
  9. Self explanatory. I died laughing.
  10. The view from Deception Bridge which is about 5 minutes from my Aunt’s house.
  11. View #2 from the bottom of Deception Bridge. It just got better and better.
  12. Lot’s of views people. I couldn’t stop. This was from the top of Mt. Erie.
  13. My man and I ready to fish. Except for I didn’t fish and Mat didn’t catch anything. Fishing Fail.
  14. Leaving Whidbey Island after a great trip!
  15. 4 days later, on to Tough Mudder! Catching out flight to Reno!
  16. Why not take a picture with a stuffed bear at the airport??
  17. When it comes to margaritas I don’t play around. 11 in the morning. DELISH
  18. This was the weather about 30 minutes before the start of the race. Um…I’m pretty glad I was just spectating!
  19. The ladies on the lift to go find our men at some of the obstacles! On the left is my brother-in-law’s girlfriend Sarah, my MIL Karen and myself.
  20. Just after we found the the guys at obstable #6, we stopped to enjoy the view : )
  21. Mat and me just after the race. He’s all in one piece and still smiling! Proud wife over here!
Mouthful, huh?! I’ll be posting a full Tough Mudder recap this coming Tuesday! So stay tuned!
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